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         U- Bend Tube 

Welcome to our exclusive range of U-bend tubes, which is known amidst our valued global clients for its superior quality and excellent functionality. Each U bend tube of our range is rigorously quality checked by our team of talented professionals on every stage of production to deliver the clients defect free best quality products. These U bend tubes can be custom designed in various diameters as per the requirements of our clients.

  • 'U' bending is done by cold working process.
  • U' bending is done to the required radius as per customer drawings.
  • The bend portion and six inch leg is stress relieved by resistance heating.
  • Inert gas (Argon) is passed through it at the required flow rate to avoid oxidation in ID.
  • The radius is checked for its OD and wall thinning with the recommended specification.
  • The physical properties and microstructure is checked at three different position.
  • Visual inspection for waviness and cracks is done with Dye Penetrant Test.
  • Each tube is then hydro tested at the recommended pressure to check for leakage.
  • Cotton ball test is done to check the ID cleanliness of the tube.
  • Thereafter pickled, dried, marked and packed.
  • All procedure is strictly followed as per TEMA "C" and ASTM A-688.

Technical Info

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